Motion Graphics Flyer Design

Boost your marketing with a animated/video flyer. This product is proven to increase engagement for higher performance on ads or social media posts. Video flyers are great for

-Teazer Promotions

-Campaign Ads

-Tutorial or Class Ads

-Showcasing your business services


What you will receive:

size 4x4 (1080x1080 Pixels Design Digitally)

mp4. file

**Motion graphics can include a video and animation of words, text, or photos


What we need from you:

Contact Information and social Media Handles for design

Context typed for flyer

Slogans or taglines that appeal to your target audience(if applicable or we can assist in marketing efforts)

Video for intended use and photos

Colors/Style Preference of Design



*Once purchased please email information you would like included on flyer

Motion Graphics Flyer Design

  • Please allow 24-48 business hours on turn around time. Peak seasons (holidays)you may see an increase in turn around time (unless you are on a retainer service). Turn around time will not exceed 4 business days on flyer designs. Any and all revisions may cause a delay in turn around